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12.10.17 It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Faith; Pastor Kevin Griffin

12.3.17 MESSAGE; It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Family; Pastor Gee Sprague

11.28.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: Forgiveness Asks; Pastor Lance Sellon

11.19.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: Family; Pastor Kevin Griffin

11.12.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: I Call Marriage; Pastor George Spencer

11.5.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: Communication; Pastor Kevin Griffin

10.29.17 MESSAGE: This Is Us: The Real Us; Pastor Gee Sprague

10.22.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Sent; Pastor Gee Sprague

10.15.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Learn; Pastor George Spencer

10.8.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Listening; Alison Hunt

10.1.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Eat Together; Pastor Gee Sprague

9.24.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Bless Others; Pastor Kevin Griffin

9.17.17 MESSAGE; God Works For Good; Pastor Gee Sprague

9.3.17 MESSAGE; Be Healed!; Pastor George Spencer

8.27.17 MESSAGE; You Will Be Found; Pastor Lance Sellon

8.20.17 MESSAGE; Total Eclipse of the Heart; Pastor Kevin Griffin

8.13.17 MESSAGE; Youth Sunday

8.6.17 MESSAGE; Compromise; Pastor Gee Sprague

  8.6.17 NOTES

7.30.17 MESSAGE; Chasing The Sun; Pastor Lance Sellon

7.23.17 MESSAGE; Walk, Stand, Sit; Pastor Gee Sprague

  7.23.17 NOTES

7.16.17 MESSAGE; God's Extreme Love; Pastor George Spencer

  7.16.17 NOTES; God's Extreme Love

7.9.17 MESSAGE; Peace; Pastor Kevin Griffin

  7.9.19 Pastor Kevin Singing Hold Me Jesus

7.2.17 MESSAGE; Grace & Peace; Pastor Kevin Griffin

  7.2.17 The New CrossRoad Bunch Video

6.25.17 MESSAGE; Grumpy in Disneyland; Pastor Lance Sellon

6.18.17 MESSAGE; Healing Hurt Hearts; Pastor Gee Sprague

  6.18.17 NOTES

6.11.17 MESSAGE; Creating A Culture of Healing 2; Pastor Gee Sprague

  6.11.17 NOTES

6.4.17 MESSAGE; Creating A Culture of Healing; Pastor Gee Sprague

  6.4.17 NOTES_Creating A Culture of Healing

5.28.17 Message; Healing: The Mission of Jesus; Pastor Gee Sprague

  5.28.17 Notes_Healing MissionOfJesus.pdf

5.21.17 Message; Summit Sunday

  5.21.17 Notes_Summit Sunday.pdf


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