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9.23.18 "Earth, Wind, & Fire" part 5 - Stranger Things; Lance Sellon, Go Pastor 

9.16.18 "Earth, Wind, & Fire" part 4 - The Comforter; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor 

9.9.18 "Earth, Wind, & Fire" part 3 - Life in the Holy Spirit; Rev. Jay Therrell

9.2.18 "Earth, Wind, & Fire" part 2 - Boots on Ground; Lance Sellon, Go Pastor

8.26.18 "Earth, Wind, & Fire" part 1 - With to Within; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

8.19.18 "Beach Days" part 5 - Decide to Live; George Spencer, Care Pastor

8.12.18 "Beach Days" part 4 - Take a Walk; Rev. Perri Martin, Guest Pastor

8.5.18 "Beach Days" part 3 - Lifelong Learners; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

7.29.18 "Beach Days" part 2 - The Ragamuffin Gospel; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

7.22.18 "Beach Days" part 1 - The Beach Brothers; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

7.15.18 "Body Language" part 3 - Beautiful Feet; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

7.1.18 "Body Language" part 1 - The Hands of Jesus; Kevin Griffin, Lead Pastor

6.24.18 "Finally" - Gee Sprague

6.10.18 "Take Your Shot" Week 1 - Aim with Your Heart; Pastor Lance Sellon

6.3.18 "Roots" Week 9 - Stand Firm; Pastor Gee Sprague

5.27.18 "Roots" Week 8 - Never Forgotten; Pastor Gee Sprague 

5.20.18 "Roots" Week 7 - Each One Gifted; Pastor Kevin Griffin 

5.13.18 "Roots" Week 6 - Staying United; Pastor Kevin Griffin

5.6.18 "Roots" Week 5 - Family Style; Pastor Gee Sprague

4.29.18 "Roots" Week 4 - The ABC's of Community; Pastor George Spencer

4.22.18 "Roots" Week 3 - Poetry; Pastor Kevin Griffin

4.15.18 "Roots" Week 2 - The Interview; Pastors Kevin Griffin & Gee Sprague

4.8.18 "Roots" Week 1 - The Big Reveal; Pastor Kevin Griffin

4.1.18 Cave Time Week 7 - The Exit Strategy; Pastor Gee Sprague

3.29.18 Holy Thursday - The Living Last Supper 

3.25.18 Cave Time Week 6 - The Cave of Hopelessness; Pastor Lance Sellon 

3.18.18 Cave Time Week 5 - The Cave of Grief; Alison Hunt

3.11.18 Cave Time Week 4 - The Cave of Temptation; Pastor Lance Sellon

3.4.18 Cave Time Week 3 - The Cave of Bitterness; Pastor Gee Sprague

2.25.18 Cave Time Week 2 - The Cave of Depression; Pastor George Spencer

2.18.18 Cave Time Week 1 - David in the Cave of Fear; Pastor Kevin Griffin

2.11.18 Rise To The Occasion: GO Big; Pastor Lance Sellon

2.4.18 Rise To The Occasion: It's GO Time; Pastor Lance Sellon

1.28.18 Love, Learn, Lead; LEAD; Pastor Kevin Griffin

1.21.18 Love, Learn, Lead; LEARN; Pastor Gee Sprague

1.14.18 Love, Learn, Lead; Love Part 2; Pastor Kevin Griffin

1.7.18  Love, Learn, Lead; Love Part 1; Pastor Kevin Griffin

12.31.17 It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Navigating Epiphany; Pastor Lance Sellon

12.24.17 It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Presents; Pastor Kevin Griffin

12.17.17 It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Chaos; Pastor Gee Sprague

12.10.17 It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Faith; Pastor Kevin Griffin

12.3.17 MESSAGE; It Wouldn't Be Christmas Without Family; Pastor Gee Sprague

11.28.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: Forgiveness Asks; Pastor Lance Sellon

11.19.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: Family; Pastor Kevin Griffin

11.12.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: I Call Marriage; Pastor George Spencer

11.5.17 MESSAGE; This Is Us: Communication; Pastor Kevin Griffin

10.29.17 MESSAGE: This Is Us: The Real Us; Pastor Gee Sprague

10.22.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Sent; Pastor Gee Sprague

10.15.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Learn; Pastor George Spencer

10.8.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Listening; Alison Hunt

10.1.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Eat Together; Pastor Gee Sprague

9.24.17 MESSAGE; #LIFEhacks Bless Others; Pastor Kevin Griffin

9.17.17 MESSAGE; God Works For Good; Pastor Gee Sprague


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